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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pati Haruman Untuk Remaja dan Kanak-kanak..

PFA melangkah setapak ke hadapan dengan memperkenalkan pati haruman untuk kanak-kanak & remaja!

Buat permulaan, pihak kami memperkenalkan 3 wangian yang disukai iaitu:

Bubble Gum (K)

Cotton Candy (K)

Baby Powder (K)

Sekiranya sambutan terhadap wangian ini menggalakkan, pihak kami sudah tentu akan memperkenalkan beberapa lagi wangian terkini dalam koleksi kanak-kanak ini.

Pihak kami juga mengalu-alukan cadangan dari semua pihak yang melayari laman web PFA ini untuk memberikan idea dan pandangan mengenai wangian yang disukai atau yang di inginkan. Sekiranya banyak permintaan terhadap wangian-wangian ini, pihak PFA akan sedaya upaya memenuhi permintaan anda semua. Apa lagi? Cubalah wangian terkini dari PFA dan anda pasti sukakannya!!

Bubble Gum (K)

Great for a child - smells like sweet bubblegum. This fragrance contains the improbable alliance of two antagonistic smells; sacred incense and mischievous bubble gum. It is a candy-like perfume that flirts with mystical inspiration.

Cotton Candy (K)

A blend of fresh strawberry and french vanilla. Smell your yummiest! Our Cotton Candy is a wonderful blend of spun sugar and creamy vanilla combined with notes of tender strawberries, lush raspberries and clean musk. Surrender to your sweet tooth with this playful, flirty fragrance cotton candy!

Baby Powder (K)

Baby Powder is a lovely delicate scent which is familar to many!! Our Baby Powder perfume smells like the real thing. This very clean fragrance will have you looking for the freshly bathed newborn. One of our most popular fragrances.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New PFA Arrival (February'09)

Recently added perfume by PFA..


(Click links below for description...)


Rush (W) - Gucci

Nina (W) - Nina Ricci

Red Jeans (W) - Versace

Guess (W) - Guess

M (W) - Mariah Carey

Chocolovers (W) - Aquolino

Hypnotic Poison (W) - Christian Dior

Princess (W) - Vera Wang


Le Male (M) - JPG

Guess (M) - Guess

Guess (W)

Guess perfume was launched in 2005. This scent possesses a blend of Tangerine, Green Apple, Freesia, Pink Peony, Muguet, Peach, Red Fruit, Cedar Wood, Amber, and Skin-Musk.

M (W)

M by Mariah Carey perfume was created with perfumer Carlos Benaim of International Flavors & Fragrances and is classified as a floriental. A warm and inviting marshmallow is woven throughout the perfume, evoking a sense of comfort. This indulgent accord captures Mariah's fondest childhood memories of being in the kitchen with her father. The lush floral heart of the perfume combines a feminine veil of Living Tahitian Tiare flower wrapped in the aura of wet Gardenia petals. This beautiful blend is reminiscent of the fragrant breezes of Hawaii and the Isle of Capri, Mariah's favorite getaway. The soul of the fragrance reveals a sexier dimension. Sheer amber, infused with spicy, woody accents of Moroccan incense forms a seductive accord that embodies Mariah's sensuality, beauty and glamour.

Nina (W)

Nina perfume by Nina Ricci is a fresh, floral and fruity perfume with mouth watering accents. A perfume deliciously inspired by the red toffee apple, with tender flesh and a crisp outside to tempt and charm. A perfume which gradually releases its magic notes. It starts on a sparkling and spontaneous note like a burst of laughter, with citrus flesh heightened by the freshness of Calabrian lemon and Caipirinha lime. It blossoms into a juicy caramelized heart...The original mouth watering charm of the red toffee apple, mixed with praline and an infusion of vanilla, wreathes a delicious veil around the peony petals and moonflower, exuding soft and delicate scents. It ripens into a gentle embrace of smooth and reassuring applewood and white cedar, sensually swathed in soft musks.

Chocolovers (W)

Aquolina Chocolovers perfume. Chocolate for the body, the mind and the soul. Chocolate is not just a metaphor for sensuality, it's something more real that you can taste alone or in company, taking advantage of its amazing qualities. Unmistakable, sensual, mysterious, the scent of chocolate has incredible powers. Chocolovers contains essential oils of Corainder, Patchouly, Orange, Lemon and Vanilla Absolute. The intense but delicate notes of Chocolovers will fill you with energy and serenity every moment of the day. Its taste and scent make it sensual, and stimulates the couple's complicity in a game in which you can become children without loosing the awareness of being adults.

Guess (M)

Masculine, bold, sexy, and simply intoxicating. Inspired by the Guess Man lifestyle, Guess Man cologne by Parlux Fragrances is fresh, clean, and sensual. Attitude like never before in a bottle.