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Friday, November 28, 2008

About Us.

Perfume For All was found in early 2006. It started when we found out that there are many people out there would like to try the designer perfume but due to the high price, they will think twice. Even if they buy it, the selection of the perfume will be made in extra careful & choosy because it's expensive. The other option is by using the imitation perfume, but there are some issue on quality as the smell & long lasting is not up to the standard. Due to this reason, Perfume For All was formed- a brand for everybody. Not only affordable, but we make sure the quality & smell is up to the standard. Most important, it is very long lasting.

One of the reason why Perfume For All is being chosen by the customer is because of the long lasting smell, good quality product and it's affordable to everybody. We sell only concentrated perfume without any mixing of alcohol, solvent, white oil or aqua which make the smell change after a while. So, what our customer's get is totally concentrated perfume essence that can last whole day.

The special thing about Perfume For All is that we have hundreds of famous brands all over the world and it getting more and more each day. It gives an alternative and more choices to our clients. Beside that, you can SAVE more! In this new era of bad economy situation, the power of buying is very slim and one way that u can save on is by using a cheaper fragrances with a good quality smell. Everybody around you will notice the difference in you!.

We have few testimony of customers saying that Perfume For All changes their life! A very honest testimony from a satisfied customer of ours. With Perfume For All, not only you can save more but you still can smell good! Like our tagline ~ Now Everybody Can Smell Gooood ~ . Search No More, Choose No More, stay with us and you will be pampered everyday by your loves ones!.

Welcome to our website & happy surfing! We hope you'll be satisfied with our collections of perfume. We'll be updating our website from time to time to make sure you'll get the latest news about our fragrances. Thanks to all our loyal customers for staying with us and wait for our PROMOTIONS!

Perfume For All ,

Worth it, Smell good, Affordable and Long Lasting...

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