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Friday, January 16, 2009

An Interview With Paco Robanne

What Are Your Thoughts About The Future?

"We are at the end of 1995 - one + nine + nine + five = 24, which is omega. Now we are about to face the appearance of the omega in the negative sense. If we engage in positive acts we detract power from this negative strength. If, on the other hand, we engage in negative acts, we add power to the negativism. And this negative power is to last about seven years.

"The thoughts and actions of men are going to result in a catastrophe for the planet because the anti-Christ is here and he is being hailed as a very beautiful man with hypnotic powers. The anti-Christ is going to engage in an act of seduction of the people and of their words. And all this sex that we are witnessing around the world is part of the conspiracy to bring this man to power."

What Do You See In The Future For Women?

"In the last 2000 years, women literally have been cheated. It has] been a phase of machismo and in a word - anti-Christian. Women have been manipulated. In the forthcoming era of Aquarius, women finally are going to take power because the age of Aquarius is an era of justice."

What Inspired You To Create A Fragrance?

"I believe it's very important that fashion and fragrance be coherent with the times. My designs, he explains, are for modern women, active women and the women of the sun.

"The woman of the sun represents women of light. And this is why my fashions reflect light. I have incorporated optic fibers, mirrors and transparent substances in many of my newest designs to introduce the element of light.

"We have gone through a very Baroque period in fashion. With heavy night fragrances, oriental, opulent aromatics. A characteristic of Aquarius is light and transparency. That's why there is this trend toward events that are transparent and that reflect light."

What Do You Feel Is Magical About Perfume?

"When baby Jesus was born the Magi brought three things: gold, frankincense and myrrh - two perfumes and one secular material.

"Mary Magdalene invested a great deal of time, according to the books, spreading fragrance on the feet of Jesus and he loved it."

What Do You Believe Is The Future Of Fragrance?

"Despite all that's gone before, we have made a commodity of fragrance, like shoes. In this new era ahead, we at least have to describe the magic and mysticism of fragrance.

"In Buddhist temples they burn incense facing the statue of Buddha.

" In the descriptions of the appearance of the Virgin Mary to children there is an odor of lilies of the valley and roses." Then with startling clarity he confided, "I have experienced an apparition of Mary. There was a shining light, a glaring light in my room and the fragrance of roses and lilies of the valley --- formidable!

"As civilization changes, everything will change. Inter-human relations, fashions, color and fragrances. Relationships between men and animals and vice versa will change. It can be a grand epoch."

Source : Fragrance Foundation

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