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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Of Greek and Roman Inspiration, But of Worldwide Acclamation

A mouthful to say if you've never encountered it, but Bvlgari is a one of the classiest perfume houses around. The brand is named after its Greek Sotirio Bulgari but the spelling 'Bvulgari' has ancient Roman roots. The company was officially registered in 1884. Its first store attracted wealthy socialites from all over the world for its Greek and Roman inspired jewelery, with a modern twist. The brand has now extended its repertoire to hotels, watches, handbags, and accessories.

Sotirio is a descendant of a family of Greek silversmiths. Thus even before birth, working with precious metals was his calling. Sotirio moved to Rome, Italy and together with his two sons, Giorgio and Constantino, opened his first store on 10, Via Condotti. This remains the company's flagship store to date. In 1970 the company began to cross international borders and established a store in New York. Stores in Paris, Geneva and Monte Carlo were also opened.

1992 saw the establishment of Parfums Bvalgari in Switzerland with the launch of Eau The Vert. Absolute Bvl and Pour Femme were also released withing the same year. The perfume house now has more than 20 fragrances under its belt. Bvlgari Omnia, a female fragrance was released in 2004. It's creator, Robert Morillas. It includes oriental spices such as saffron, black pepper, cardamom and ginger. In 1994 Blvgari Pour Femme was released which was "a tribute to women, as an answer to their desire to rediscover luxury and find it renewed and different, characterized by understatement and absolute quality."

One of the most recent additions include Rose Essentielle, which includes notes of rose ottomane, blackberry, rose prelude and patchouli. Voile de Jasmine and Bvlgari Soir Pour Homme have also been added, but Omnia Amethyste is the latest addition, launched in February 2007. Omnia Amethyste was inspired by Asian women and quickly took the place of number one in Japan and Korea. It has been described as an “elegant play of purple iridescences.” It exudes scents of pink grapefruit, Bulgarian rose bud, solar woods, heliotrope and green sap.

Bvlagari says “quality and excellence are the basis of its culture.” Throughout their range of products, luxury is a re-occuring theme. In both keeping the memory of their heritage alive and producing quality products, for 123 years, Blvgari have always over-delivered.

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