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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


No Borders to Luxury

Davidoff knows no limits when it comes to creating luxurious fragrances for its loyal customers.

Davidoff, a brand that is synonymous with prestige and luxury has its root in a small tobacco shop on Boulevard de Philosophes. Henri Davidoff is the brand's founder. The company was later inherited by his son Zino Davidoff and has now moved beyond just high-end tobacco pipes, cigarettes, cigars. It has now expanded its range to an exquisite men's fragrance range.
Zino Davidoff decided to follow his father's footsteps despite his mother's wish that be become a dentist. He migrated to South and Central America and learned the secrets of the trade in tobacco-blending. Regularly, he referred to himself as a “man of smoke.” In 1930 Zino returned to Switzerland and opened a cigar department in his father's store.

Davidoff stepped into the limelight again, entering the perfume industry in 1987. The perfumes were made simply because their customers started asking for them. The first perfume released was Davidoff. Cool Water was released the following year and became one of the top men's fragrances by 1991. Television star, Josh Holloway (more commonly known as 'Sawyer' in the T.V. programme Lost) became the face of the fragrance in 2007. Zino Davidoff made its debut in 1993, and followed the success of the first two fragrances.
Davidoff extended its range to women's fragrances. Cool Water Woman was released in 1996. Pierre Bourdon designed the fragrance. He also formulated its male equivalent. In 2002 The Fantasea Collection was introduced. The line included a Sun Silky SPF6, fragrance and several other glamorous toiletries such shampoos, body foam and perfumed polish.
In 1998, Good Life was released. With this fragrance, Davidoff wanted “people to rediscover the simple enjoyment and pleasures of the good life.” The designer was again Pierre Bourdon who said he wanted to “evoke the end of a summer's day.” The following year Good Life Woman was released. Most female fragrances released by Davidoff were introduced with a line of toiletries, but Good Life Woman was released as a stand alone product. Neither is it just the female version of Good Life. It is a totally new and unique perfume. It has top notes of fig, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and bergamont. Its heart, fig tree leaves, magnolia, and jasmine. The base has plum, date, date milk, amber, iris and vanilla.

From it's humble beginnings as a small cigar shop, Davidoff has become one of today's top trend setters in all things luxury. Mention Davidoff to anyone who enjoys quality high-end cigars, toiletries or fragrances, and Davidoff comes to mind.

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