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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


New York in a Bottle

DKNY aims embody New York both in its fashion and fragrances. The perfume house has taken the world by storm, and their high quality fragrances can be found the world over.

DKNY is the trend setting fashion house that has become entwined with modern popular culture. DKNY represents more than cutting edge fashion, it represents a lifestyle, an image, an attitude. DKNY has been embraced by a generation that rejects the pompous air of pretension that pervades amongst the orthodoxy of the fashion world. It is for good reason the initials NY are present in the labels name. New York is where the fashion house is based, a city that is constantly on the go. New York represents the spirit DKNY brings to its designs. A spirit that is all about fun, energy, and adventure. DKNY is New York.

DK stands for Donna Karan, who founded the company in 1984 with her late husband, Stephen Weiss. Karan says that “designing is an expression of who I am as a woman, with all the complications, feelings and emotions”. She sees her designs as a constant challenge to marry the practical with the beautiful, a challenge she has met with great success be it with a simple bodysuit or the extravagance of a hand painted devore dress. Her artistic sensibilities extend to her line of fragrances which today number almost two dozen. Her most popular fragrances in recent years include the Be Delicious line. Be Delicious was released in 2004, and is a veritable feast for the senses. Presented in an elegant metal and glass apple shaped bottle, this fragrance combines apple with floral and woody undertones. Like the city from which Karan draws inspiration, Be Delicious celebrates individuality and is an ecclectic mix of flavors. Notes include magnolia, apple sandalwood, grapefruit, white amber, cucumber, tuberose, white muguet, rose, violet and blonde woods. DKNY Be Delicious For Men, released the same year, is described as a masculine cologne for the modern man, with dynamic and uplifting notes of citrus, woods, coffee and apples. These fragrances were followed by DKNY Red Delicious Women and DKNY Red Delicious Men in 2006, both limited editions, described as more sensual and tempting than their predecessors.

DKNY describes its mission as being to represent the heartbeat of New York in their attire, accessories and fragrances. They aim to deliver a complete lifestyle to a global customer, with the highest standards of creativity, quality and innovation.


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