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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giorgio Armani

Elegance and Simplicity, The Ingredients For a Stunning Fragrance Line.

Armani. The name is synonymous with high fashion. Elegant, understated and timeless garments sought after by Hollywood glitterati and anyone else who values a little luxury. When you wear Armani, you become a part of fashion royalty.

The king of this remarkale empire is Giorgio Armani. He was born in Piacenza, 40 mile south of Milan, in 1934. He credits his mother with being a major influence in his fashion leanings. He recalls her as always dressing elegantly and favouring soft, humble tones such as black, grey, cream, white and taupe. During his childhood Hollywood films were a major form of entertainment, and the fashion displayed in these left a lasting impression. He admired the “elegant simplicity” of the garments in these films from the 30’s and 40’s and it is this ethos that motivated and inspired his work in the years to come.

He entered the fashion industry at the ground floor as a window dresser in 1954. In the 1960s he began working as a designer, and in the early 70’s he met architecture student Sergio Galeotti, with whom he launched his own collection. Armed with serious textile and manufacturing techniques knowledge is hired as a designer for a man fashion line 'Nino Cerruti'. Later on he works for Ungaro Zenga but in 1974 Giorgio Armani is setting on his own brand.

Starting with 1975 Armani is more like an ensemble of brands, Junior, Underwear, Swimwear, accessories and glasses. In 1981 are created Emporio Armani & Armani Jeans and in 2000 the Armani empire is launching a new make-up line special created by McGrath. Today this empire is counting over 2000 shops and every year selling of over 1 billion US dollars. Armani presentations gather together countless stars and world class celebrities. Because of the many people coming at these presentations, protection services are double paid to keep the order. Today Armani is the most financially successful fashion house in Italian history.

Perfume was added to the Armani repertoire in 1981 when ‘Beverly Hills ’ was released on to the market. It was revolutionary for its immediate effect that remained constant for many hours. Today there are over a dozen fragrances available under the Armani brand. They adhere to the same trademark simplicity intrinsic in the Armani mantra. Each fragrance contains no more than 15 ingredients. Armani shuns large scale mass marketing campaigns for many of his perfumes, preferring to generate interest through word of mouth. They are usually only available in Armani boutiques and specialty stores, ensuring they retain the air of exclusiveness Armani products rightly deserve. As Giorgio himself once said, “Perfume is really what makes you remember someone, but if that perfume is used by many people, then it loses that effect”.

Armani’s fragrances are consistently amongst the most popular in the world. In 2006 three of the top five men’s colognes were Armani products, and women’s perfumes are equally in demand.

The perfumes launched over the years are just a drop in the Armani ocean but the perfumes are special creations in which the designer's genius is involved from the conception of perfume mixes. Armani's perfumes are referential, well defined, undeniably successful. For example, Armani Mania pour Homme was Armani's masterpiece in man perfumes line in 1995. The unique combination of mandarin, saffron and cedar flavor was outstanding and left everyone astonished. The successful masculine creation has been continued with Armani Black Code in which can be found lemon, bergamot, olive flower tonka wood and guaiac flavors.

Armani new perfume Emporio Armani City Glam was launched in a duo variant: one for women and one dedicated to men. Annick Menardo in City Glam for Her has mixed flavors of wild fruits, plum, coriander, bulgarian rose, white Indian paciuli, musk and white moss. The masculine version has tunisian bitter orange, meant, ginger, chinese plants, musk and white moss flavors.

Three decades after taking the fashion world by storm, Armani is now a household name. Giorgio Armani says his work is his life. It is this ethic that has lead to a brand that is the epitome of quality and consistency.


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