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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Do You Know Perfumes?

What perfume is considered to be the first 'oriental'?
Shalimar (Guerlain). Shalimar,introduced in 1925, is considered to be the first modern oriental. Opium was introduced in 1977, Poison - in 1985 and Aprege is not an Oriental, but a floral-aldehydic perfume.

Who was the first female to produce a designer perfume?
Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel was first (with N 5), Jeanne Lanvin was second, but neither Arden, nor Lauder had ever been clothing designers.

What is the so-called capital of world perfumery?
Grasse. Everyone who is serious about perfumes knows that the cradle and the capital of modern perfumery is in Grasse, a small town in Provence, France!

Which one of these is not a French perfume house?
Laura Biagiotti. Laura Biagiotti, whose designer house produced wonderful perfumes Laura, Roma, Sotto Voce, Tempore, etc. is an Italian designer, but her perfume house is based in Germany.

Which famous actress was in the ads for Chanel N 5?
Catherine Deneuve. Audrey Hepburn was always a Givenchy girl, Sophie Marceau is in the Guerlain ads, and Sharon Stone never posed for a perfume ad as of June 2000. So, it used to be (among others) the lovely Catherine Deneuve.

What popular perfume has a star-shaped flacon?
Angel. Angel is the famous gourmand perfume hidden in gorgeous star-shaped bottles.

Which of these popular perfumes was designed to celebrate the lifestyle of California and is considered to be an all-american perfume?
Giorgio. Although the wrong answers might seem more modern and all-american, Giorgio was the biggest American success in perfumery, and epitomises the American style of sheer perfumes (i.e. perfumes without head-heart-bottom note definitions)

What was the first jewelry company to introduce a brand name fragrance?
Van Cleef and Arpels. In 1976 Van Cleef and Arpels introduced 'First' - a very appropriate name for the first perfume by jewelers.

What was the first Dior fragrance ?
Miss Dior. Christian Dior dedicated his first perfume venture to his sister, producing Miss Dior in 1947. Why Miss and not Mademoiselle? Dior was an admitted anglomaniac.

Which one of these famous fragrances smells almost entirely of lily of the valley?
Diorissimo. Poison is an oriental, Beautiful and Red Door are floral, but of much heavier nature. Diorissimo is the most classic example of a fragrance, inspired by lily of the valley.

Essences of which flowers are the most commonly used in perfumery?
rose and jasmin. Almost every perfume contains rose and jasmin extracts, they are staples in the perfumer's palette.

Which of these perfume houses is not American?
Shiseido. I think you all guessed that one. Shiseido is the most famous Japanese brand of cosmetics and fragrances, although a lot of their products are manufactured in the States.

The first eau de cologne was made in ...?
Cologne. Although Italians also claim to be the first, usually Germany and its city Cologne (Köln) is considered to be the cradle.

What is best fragrance option for hot summer days (think of general rules, not personal preferences)?
a citrus or an aquatic fragrance. You'll feel much better if you choose either a citrus, or an aquatic for summer.A light (!) floral is OK too.

Which one of these flacons would be of the highest value for collectors?
a limited edition in its original packaging. Although a lot of people love miniatures and collect them, true collectors seek failures or limited editons of popular ones unopened and with a proper packaging!

How many ingredients might a modern perfume contain?
thousands. Right now thousands of ingredients (mostly chemicals) are used.

What famous perfume bottle is topped by two doves?
L'Air du Temps. Two doves kissing adorn the classic Rene Lalique bottle of L'air du Temps ( Nina Ricci)

What are the aldehydes?
organic chemicals. Aldehydes, which were very popular in the 1930 through 1960s are organic chemicals derived from natural synthetic materials. They add a vivid quality to top notes. Classic example of an aldehydic perfume - Chanel N 5, of course. N 5 was the first floral fragrance to comtain a lot of aldehydes.

Now perfumers use synthetic musk, but they used to get it from the ...?
musk deer & deer& deer (musk). Musk deers are so rare right now that perfumers are forced to make a synthetic substitute.

How many 'numbered' fragrances does Chanel have?
three. There are three - N 5, N 19 and N 22.

Source : Fun Trivia

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