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Monday, December 1, 2008

Rock 'n Rose (W)

Rock 'n Rose Perfume by Valentino is a rose scent. It contains muguet, bergamot and blackcurrant notes at the top, around a heart of rose and white florals including gardenia and orange blossom. At the base are notes of vanilla, orris and musk

1 comment:

Ika said...

i love this smell very much..its a mixture of my most favourite smells that are roses and vanilla...PFA's essences oil are longlasting...ive tried and bought angel-thiery mugler (hard smell of vanilla plus choc essences), pleasure exotic-estee lauder(fresh smell) and also this one, rock n rose inspired by valentino...ive smell sexy grafiti-escada (sweet n fruity) and i really fall in love with it..but unfortunately, no stock at the moment..uhuh!